Our Research

TRL is an independent subsidiary of Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharmaceutical Corporation (MTPC) whose role is to discover and develop biological drug candidates for the therapy of serious diseases with unmet needs.

TRL discontinued its research on small molecules in January 2010 and redirected its focus towards biological agents. The ‘New TRL’ reopened in the spring of 2010 with an emphasis on molecular biology and immunological approaches to lead identification with a strong emphasis on oncology.

Currently, TRL’s effort is directed towards oncology research using antibody and other biological methods to target specific molecules on cancer cells (and soluble factors), as well as investigating new methods for modulating cancer cell functions. TRL will establish collaborative relationships with other companies and academic research organizations to further its goals of identifying lead preclinical compounds for further development.

We will continue to consolidate our presence and expand into other areas in the future.